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Africans around the globe is a series of stories based on the lives of individuals or groups of expatriate Africans or Africans in the diaspora.

The short stories highlight the success's or struggles of the individual or group.


  • To unite Africans across the globe
  • To strengthen relationships between all africans
  • To build bigger African communities across the globe
  • To motivate Africans to have boarder-less mentalities
  • To improve travel
  • To share information and educate about countries


To see africans empowering themselves and uniting across the globe.

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Kahsa's Story

Kahsa shares his experience in South Africa

Pamela's story

Student turned designer in South Africa.

Its very clear Pamela has big dreams.

Hawa's Story

Hawa came to South Africa to study she now co-owns a beauty spa. Hawa loves South Africa and wants to live in South Africa forever.


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